The Valentine’s Day Gift Shop.

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The Valentine’s Day Gift Shop is open!

There are ten artists and creatives participating in the Valentine’s Day Gift Shop. Six of us are returning and three new small businesses have joined us. Those of us returning enjoyed being part of the Christmas Shop while getting to know each other. This is a very supportive group of people.

They are talented too! I have written about why I started to sell my art, prints and cards. The same motives that I had are what drive these artists and creatives. There is something irresistible about taking something that you love to do and turning it into your own small business so you can share your creations with others. It is the thing dreams are made of. Know that when you support small businesses, you are supporting somebody’s dream.

But it isn’t all about dreaming. There is tons of hard work behind the scenes, hundreds of decisions to make and even some risk. We all understand that and have become willing to walk the creative business road. One of the true joys of running a small business is meeting other people along the way who are growing a business too. And it is very powerful when we get together and promote and encourage each other.

It is called collaboration; the action of working together with someone to create something. What we have created is a place where you can find hundreds of different gifts for Valentine’s Day. And these gifts are artist created and designed. They are a labor of love that we are very excited about. We are excited from the first thought we had about them, through our various creative processes to when we drop them off at the postal station on their way to your home.

Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

About the Shop

The Valentine’s Day Gift Shop is like a virtual marketplace or gift show. Instead of setting up booths and displaying our creations for a weekend, we have gathered online. And because we are online we are able to come together from all over the United States. The event runs for a month, Monday, January 18, 2021 through Saturday, February 20, 2021.

What you will find in the Valentine’s Day Gift Shop are samples of our art and gifts with links that lead to our individual shops. Some of us are on Etsy and some of us have our own websites. Then, some like myself, have both. Each shop is individually owned and operated. Visit our shops to purchase items and see the full array of the gifts we offer. That is where you can find our shop policies, along with shipping and contact information.

The Shops

I wanted to introduce you to the Small Businesses that are participating.

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Ruth – Dallas, Texas
Ruthieonart – Watercolor Art, Prints, and Cards
Websites: and

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Jenefer – Austin, Texas
Pastry Zone Austin – Handcrafted Cakes and Pastries

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Kelli – Dallas, Texas
Kosel Designs – Creative Gift Designs & Custom Products

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Georgia – Miami, Florida
For the Love of Plumeria – Plumeria and Beach Inspired Jewelry

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Laura – Jacksonville, Florida
Green Iguana Bath – Handcrafted Artisan Soaps and Sundries and

Valentine's Day Gift Shop

Cynthia – New Hampshire
Cynthia Abstract Art – Original Acrylic Abstract Paintings and

Artique Port VDA

Jim & Laura – Pennsylvania
Artique Gallery Artisan Soy Candles – Hand-poured Candles

New Shops!

VDA Dogwood Portrait

Laura – North Carolina
Dogwood Family Creations
– Handmade Designer Magnets

Portrait Karen

Karen – Orlando, Florida
Nonesuch way – One of a Kind Wrap Bracelets & Stacks and

Warewolf Port

William & Krystyna – Sacramento, California
Warewolf Ceramics – Handmade Porcelain & Ceramics

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us. And as always, Be Inspired!

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