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The Quilt Notecards Kinda Just Happened.

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Sarah likes to keep it simple. She has been making quilts for Project Linus, for several years. Her designs aren’t elaborate, but Sarah takes her time to think about her choice of fabric and the colors with which she can combine to create the blocks that will make up her quilts. The ladies at the fabric store give Sarah advice for the backing. Her craft is ever-evolving.

I am not sure how she got started or when and where she learned to sew. I just knew that Sarah uses the large conference desks at work when she pins the batting, front, and back of the quilt together— before she machine-quilts them at home.

Once I expressed an interest in quilting, Sarah began to invite me to check out her latest creations. When I got serious about downsizing as I moved into a smaller place, I asked her if she wanted my quilting fabric. I think I surprised her the day I drove my SUV around to her SUV in order to unload, because we filled the back of hers up with boxes of fabric. Sarah likes to say when she took the fabric out to sort, that it looked like a fabric store exploded in her living room. Yes, I know, I am sure it did, at least all those lovely filled in colors of fabric had finally found a good home.

I don’t really remember how it all came together. I think it was my idea to photograph the quilts and use the photos to create notecards, after all, I am a graphic designer. We quickly decided to donate the proceeds to Project Linus, because that is where Sarah donates most of the quilts. I did receive a Christmas Quilt as a thank you for the fabric. There were a few baby shower quilts that came out of the boxes of fabric and a few quilts for Sarah’s family and friends, but most of the quilts got washed and dropped off so that the local Children’s hospital can give them to sick kids. That part of our projects takes me back to my time at Children’s Hospital— I find it very satisfying.

As of today, July 19th, there are 24- quilts, photographed and processed to create 24 note cards. I arranged them into four new sets of six, plus a set of the most popular quilts. Our initial quilt card sets had five designs in them, and we had only two sets. There is a lot of cutting, sewing, and photographing going on since we started.

The quilt notecard sets are the most popular items in my Esty shop. We have donated almost two hundred dollars to Project Linus, and had one big order from the Texas Quilt Museum for their gilt shop. With so many new quilts for the sets, I wanted to make it a point to let people know about the upgrade and new release— we are very happy to offer a greater variety of designs in our card sets.

Our set of six notecards, which were created from photos of the quilts are simplified with a watercolor filter in Photoshop. I printed them myself on white linen paper, in my home studio. The cards measure 5.5 X 4.25 inches and come with white envelopes. The sets are packaged in a plastic envelope for protection and are a labor of love, a way for Sarah and I to give back to our community.

Do You Miss Snail Mail?

What if there is a relatively inexpensive practice, which only takes a few minutes but whose reward is a sense of welling being not just for yourself, but for the person who benefits from your investment.

 Would you invest ?

“If you have ever received a beautiful handwritten note card from a friend or family member, especially in the wake of text and emails, you have experienced that boost of good vibes. It’s like Christmas to me, to open those handwritten messages.”   — Ruth

Available August 2020.

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