Maundy Thursday

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Maundy Thursday I arrive early to church because I remember last time seats were filled before I got there. Still, this time I sit where I did last time, by a pillar on the end of a row towards the … Continued

Creativity is messy

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I finished this painting this weekend. I started it several months ago. I probably paint once a week, some times more. This watercolor has been painted maybe twelve sessions. I really emphasize to my students to take your time and … Continued

Doggie Art

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As much as people love their pets, I love to paint them. I waited until after Christmas to post these because I gave them as a gift. They are watercolors, with a lot of watercolor pencil added to achieve detail. … Continued

First Post

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I finally am finishing my new website. It is WordPress and will contain my portfolio, blog and art class information and sign up.