It’s a Family Thing

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I was posting a few of my Sky Series watercolors on my Instagram feed when my sister sent me a message. Margaret asked if I would create an art print from a particular sun set using a quote from C. … Continued

My Challenge

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First thing Saturday morning I look to see a very sweet Etsy order pop up on my phone. It is for a set of three watercolor prints. I woke up to happy. When you are starting a little art business … Continued

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I always wanted to design cards. I get to sometimes in my work as a graphic designer. It is my favorite part of my job. You have to start some time today is the day.  


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I admit to investing in individual stocks. More shocking I do it on my own, buying what I like. I bought Martha Stewart and I wish I bought more. I bought low and she has performed well for me, more … Continued

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