Art connects people to life and each other. When I chose a subject to paint I am happiest when I connect in some way to what I am painting. When you purchase art or prints you can chose art that makes you happy because it connects you to a positive experience, an aesthetically pleasing object, or a memorable time or place.

Since I often paint flowers or plants I will use them as an example. First of all people in my family love plants. We often share them by passing starts off to each other. We give them as gifts. Some of us like my grandmother are excellent gardeners.

I like to say, “I have never met a flower I did not love.”

I am happy to share my art with you by offering original watercolors and mixed media pieces, prints, and cards on my Etsy site.

I have expanded my offerings to other products like t-shirts and mugs through my Zazzle store.

You may purchase large scale prints of some of my paintings on my Society6 site.