My First Launch: The Quilt Note Card Collection.

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Here we go. The day has arrived. This is my first product launch: The Quilt Note Card Collection.

In my previous blogs I have talked about how The Quilt Note Card Collection came to be, my motivation for selling notecards, and my personal history of why I love quilts.  

Biz News

Along with the launch invitations that I’ll be sending about once a month in this blog and in my newsletter, The List, I want to share some behind the scenes information about my business, Ruthieonart. Biz News will be part of the weekly email because this is a new and compelling journey for me. It’s very challenging and I thought it might be interesting to you. 

Many years ago, I was privileged to watch my friend Kathy Ammon, an abstract expressionist painter come right out of college and start a successful art business. Although at the time it wasn’t something, I could pursue, I always saw her journey as very valuable to me. It’s very satisfying to see your friends succeed at what they love. Kathy always encourage me to paint, to create, and to sell my art.  

Maybe this is you? You’re a creative and you have that question in the back of your mind, is this something I can do? Maybe you teach yoga, and you want to grow your business, and you wonder is this something I should pursue in greater depth? I know a long time ago my sisters and I talked about starting something as a team. It probably would be called “Four Crazy Sisters; Unusual Gifts and Fun Clothing”. And my sons and I have a perfect blend of interests and talents that we could start an interesting business too. Scott and I are artists and designers and Sean is a web developer.  

My Game Changer

These are things we kick around in our minds for years. That’s what I’ve done. Taking my first steps last year to charge that and really nail the business thing, I wanted to see what I could do. The most important decision made in my business happened in the last three months. That step was joining a business mentoring program; a game changer for lots of reasons. The resources it’s opened up to me are tremendous; there’s accountability, the opportunity for one on one guidance, a lot of encouragement, and a step by step program to follow. The name of the group is the Creative Boss Society.  

My mentors are Kayla Butler and Crystal Hollman, they teach the Creative Boss Method. Both of them own successful photography businesses. Kayla creates stock photography and Crystal is a business photographer for small businesses.   

The Launch

The launch this weekend is a class assignment for last month; to create a sales page. I didn’t know what a sales page was, and I didn’t know if I needed one. My WordPress theme had changed the way it did things and I had to relearn how to build my website pages all over again. A lot of challenges for one month. 

Quite honestly, I don’t think I need as an extensive of a sales page as I was required to make. And the next one I will be shorter. But I know now that I need to compare them to see which one is best.  

The reasons why I decided I wanted to do launches with sales pages are several. Launches help me organize my work in a cohesive manner. In the past I have finished a painting, got excited about it, put a picture up on Instagram and added it to my Etsy site. I probably didn’t even tell anybody about it, maybe one time hidden in a comment section somewhere. Amazingly enough my art, prints and cards do sell on Etsy and I’m really grateful for that. What a sales page enables me to do is in one place tell all about what I’ve created, why I created it, and add special bonuses to people on The List along with FAQ and instructions.  

This has been a fascinating journey.  

So here we go.  

Take a Look at my Sales Page and Let Me Know if I Passed.

My Gift to You!

What I’m most excited about every week is to offer you some of my art and design. At the present time, I’m concentrating on creating digital downloads for you. This week I have decided to take my most favorite quilt card and make it a 5×7 inch print. The only way you can receive this is to be on The List. 

Sign-up for The List.

I appreciate you and I thank you for sharing in my journey, for your interest in my art and design, and for your desire to create. As always, I want you to Be Inspired! 

First Launch
Teal Note Card

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