My Challenge

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First thing Saturday morning I look to see a very sweet Etsy order pop up on my phone. It is for a set of three watercolor prints. I woke up to happy. When you are starting a little art business and trying to get some traction, a sale like that is cause for a happy dance. Trust me.

Then, as I make that first cup of coffee, I realize that this order is part of my commitment to use my art to support causes I love. You see, my sister commissioned me to paint a set of three shells shortly after she began chemo for the 2nd time for ovarian cancer. In light of that, I will be donating a portion of the sale to research in her honor. I am even more excited about donating to research then I am about the order itself.

I envision my art supporting causes like ovarian cancer research. I am interested in seeing how far my efforts can go. When I volunteered at a food pantry near me last fall, I saw people wearing t-shirts that read, “If you can’t feed everybody, feed one”. I decided to adopt that mindset as I paint. It gives purpose to a gift I believe is on loan from the Creator of All Things. I want what I do to honor Him.

On an even happier note, my sister is doing well. She and her husband just returned from a cruise to Key West. Since I love to paint photos from my friends and family’s adventures, maybe some more art will come out of that trip.

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