My 2020 Year in Review

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We Survived!

I have been thinking about my 2020 year in review. It’s that week between Christmas and New Year’s when we collectively reflect on the past year and look forward to the new. It’s been cold and rainy day in Dallas. We had one of those days that goes from 64 to 46 degrees in a few hours. A perfect time to make some herbal tea, wrap yourself in a blanket, and ponder.

The realization I had while I read Dr. Fauci’s interview and a report from the CDC indicates the next month and a half looks pretty bleak. And we are all tired. For me, Covid has become personal. As a woman of prayer, I lift you up when I hear of your encounters, your close encounters and your loss. God help us all!


For the new year some of my friends and family have been given a word for the next year. A word was given to me by the stirring of the Holy Spirit, and that word is “Endure”. That is what we must all do. But I look to Hebrews 12:1-3 for a different twist on the word. Here is how the Scriptures speak to us of endurance through the word’s Greek meaning; to endure is to superabound! It means much more or exceeding.

My 2020 Year in Review

That my friend, is the definition of the word endure that I embrace. Endure is nestled in the scriptures surrounded by a revelation of a cloud of witnesses who endured before us and the ultimate example of Jesus whom we are to keep our eyes on. It speaks of supernatural resources to draw upon as we forge ahead into the dark days of winter.

We have a tradition to look backwards before we look forward. We take time to reflect with gratitude on the year. I have enjoyed reading many people’s reflections over the past few days.

My Year in Review.

For most of 2020 I worked from home as a graphic designer in the financial industry. We have been busy helping our clients communicate with their clients and I have been grateful for the work.

In my free time which has been abundant this year as everything shut down and paused, I have been able to use this time to move my business Ruthieonart forward. Taking classes and participating in a business mentoring group have given me clarity and confidence.

I restarted my blog and opened up a shop on my website. Collaboration with other artists designers, and small business owners was a delight for me.

My Goal

Overall, my goal was to up my game and be consistently present in social media and committed to publishing a blog each week. More important, I wanted to organize my art into collections and launch those collections on a regular basis.

The learning curve has been steep. I never had a business class in my life, so I started from ground zero. The progress I have seen encourages to continue.

I am thankful to have you on this journey, to share my endeavors with you, and to think every week about what I would like to talk to you about. It’s a privilege to write about the things I love.  

What didn’t happen this year, except in the months of January and February, was that I did not submit to art shows or attended any art events. There were no galleries or museums visits. These are the activities that are a source of inspiration for me, because there is nothing like seeing art in person. I’ve done my best to enjoy art online as much as possible, but it’s not quite the same.

My Plans for the New Year

I’m learning that flexibility in this endeavor that I call business is essential. There is a little twinkle in my eye when I say that because I know as I navigate 2021 things will change. And I will have to change too.

My 2020 Year in Review

The first quarter I plan to finish up the shop on my website. There are many pieces of art to post and a lot of work that proceeds posting. Photographing the art, editing the photos, writing copy are skills I need for the assignment before me. I know I need to improve, as I am still learning.

You’ll see plenty of art launches this winter and spring but that will slow down as I catch up with my backlog. At that point art will be posted as I finish the work and get it ready to sell.

The Blog

In the blog I want to write more “how to” articles, talk about my art and its process and write about my struggles and inspiration.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to write about art shows and events, galleries and museums trips as the world opens back up again. I will continue to collaborate by bringing on guest bloggers but also hosting shops on my website. We did one at Christmas time and I’m planning one for Valentine’s Day.

My Art Desk

Paintings of flowers and plants will still be piled on my art desk but they will be joined by a dozen landscapes I have started and the seascapes and abstract floral paintings that I have planned.

My final painting of 2020

I try to limit how much I plan because I realize more and more, I can’t do everything I want to do. But if I can narrow my list down and stick to it, then I am able to move forward. And for me, that is what counts. If you have a dream you don’t get there by sitting around and dreaming about it, you take little steps each day and move forward. Then at the end of the year, you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

Biz News

I sent out invitations to other small creative business to join me for the Valentine’s Day Gift Shop. So far there are five of us. I expect more. I am also inviting new vendors to join us.

New items in The Shop and on Etsy this week are Colorful Pansy Notecards, Set of Eight. The original art and prints are coming soon.

Each month I send a calendar to download and print to the people who receive my newsletter. The February Calendar features the Red Pansies from the Pansy Note Card art. The first calendar was designed to hang on a wall. The second one was designed to be used in a notebook. If you would like to receive the monthly calendars along with my newsletter, sign up for The List by filling out the form at the upper right corner of this blog.

Wall Calendar
Notebook Calendar

Again, thank you for supporting me. I love and cherish you. And as always, be inspired!


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