Good Vibes Come by Handwritten Notecards

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What if there is a relatively inexpensive practice, which only takes a few minutes once you understand what you need to do and the purpose behind it, but whose reward is a sense of welling being not just for yourself, but for the person who benefits from your investment. Would you take the steps necessary to invest in yourself and others?

If you have ever received a beautiful handwritten note card from a friend or family member, especially in the wake of text and emails, you have experienced that boost of good vibes. I would like to say that it is like Christmas for me to open those handwritten messages. My mother will be 99 this year and she has been a consistent source of encouragement to me through this almost lost art.

What I have discovered through an article by Christopher Bergland, in Psychology Today,” is that we underestimate the power of gratitude and tend to focus on the benefit we receive when we write and send notecards, but research shows a different outcome. It benefits both the giver and receiver and as Bergland writes, it is a win-win situation.

My Mother has been sending notecards to me since I left home at age 21. I have hundreds of the cards she’s sent. One of my mom’s favorite way of communicating with loved ones is to send a beautiful note card with a simple encouraging message tucked inside. My Dad, on the other hand, wrote longer letters on nice stationery and then, later in life, he began weekly emails.

“But it quickly became clear that sending handwritten notes created the ultimate win-win: Writing thank-you notes made me feel good, and it made the recipients feel good too.”
— Christopher Bergland

I think a lot of us are like my dad, we have transitioned from the art of hand-written notes to the easier electronic mediums, but what if we chose to bring back this art form along with all the beautiful cards that go with it? Being grateful is a choice, sending handwritten, artistic created notecards is an investment, not only in our recipients but the artists who create them. It’s a beautiful way to share the love. We all need a little more of that these days.

Notecards are a way to thank a giver for a gift especially if they were not there when you opened it. It lets them know that you have received it. Notecards can be written to express appreciation for friendship and random acts of kindness. Then, there is my mother’s specialty, writing a note with the expressed purpose to encourage with no occasion attached, just a desire to stay connected.

I have always wanted to create and sell notecards. It is a desire that will not go away. I did not connect the dots until recently. I love notecards because they are my Mother’s love language. Can you relate? Are notecards part of your love language?

I have been making them for my mom and other family members for a long time and recently began selling them. I make them from my watercolor paintings, scanning them, and printing them on fine linen paper that my father would appreciate.

My artwork is inspired by nature, especially flowers. My mother loves flowers too, in fact, I would say; it’s a family thing— we all love plants and flowers, aunts and cousins included. We share our plants and talk about our flower beds. We send each other photos of our flowers in bloom. I would like to say; I have never met a flower I did not love.

Cards I recently created for my mother.

My Mom buys a lot of cards from me. I try to give them to her, but she sends a check anyway. It is a very clear strong message that she loves my paintings and appreciates having the cards to use. It encourages me in ways I am only now beginning to appreciate and understand.

When I visited Ohio with my sons, we started to take my mom to various garden in the city where she lives. She sits in the garden and takes it all in as we go about and photograph the trees and plants and flowers—I use the photos for reference for some of my paintings.

As I have been slowly building my little business, I have discovered that the inspiration for and the heart of my shop is the lifetime of love and encouragement my Mother has given me.

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