Exactly who is that woman?

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Someone recently asked someone I know well, that question. This blog in no real way answers that. I just feel chatty tonight. This week the company I work for launched its new website, www.gomarquis.com. Well, maybe it was last week, it’s all a blur. Today we listened to a SEO consultant talk about blogging and social media. It inspired me to blog. I worked very little on the company website compared to my co-workers. We all chipped in, that is the design team and a few other lucky individuals. I created assets for product examples and did a little tweaking to improve the searchability of the site. I made eBooks from books and created a few portfolio pages and one actual page with the help a coworker or two. I am primarily a print designer. I try to make print pieces look good.

We are in a season where my job is my dream job. I get to design holiday cards for clients to send their clients. I usually design postcards, letters, and tri-fold mailers. This week I did a mock up for an email and online scratch and win game. I made print ads and web ads. I work with a group of kind, talented, and fun people in a beautiful corporate setting in Plano. I always wanted to work in that area, but never thought I would.

In my spare time I teach 3 art classes; two for adult and one for kids. I freelance and am writing two books. One on despair, something I know a lot about and now know about overcoming despair. The other is a book on art. It is a collaboration. It is where I get my business name, Ruthieonart. It is something I always wanted to do, write about faith, art and culture. I am also teaching a former teacher to draw. She has written a children’s book and wants to illustrate it. She already is a good artist, she just needs encouragement. That is what I am good at, it is why I am writing a book on despair. Words matter, what you say to people can curse or bring life. I know the people who know me well understand why this is close to my heart. Blessings.

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