Do You Have Blank Walls? Artists Have Blank Walls Too!

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Do You Have Blank Walls?

I understand, artists frequently face a blank white canvas or like me, a blank sheet of expensive watercolor paper. The same is true of you when you are dealing with blank walls in your home. Maybe you know exactly what you want but you haven´t found what you envisioned. Or maybe you have found the piece of art but have no idea where to place it. We are here to help. Jenny, my new Social Media Manager, and I would like to give you some fresh ideas. We wanted to help you come up with a few blank wall solutions.

I recently added Jenny to my team to help me primarily with social media, but also, art launches, getting the backlog of artwork up online, and helping me refresh my Etsy shop. I thought I would let her introduce herself.

Do you have Blank Walls?
Blank Wall by Bernard Hermant

Introducing Jenny De La Fuente

Hi! My name is Jenny De La Fuente and I am an actor, writer, translator and social media manager. I am also fluent in Spanish. I am very happy to start my journey with Ruthie On Art. I’ve always been a big fan of her paintings and I hold her close to my heart.

Fun fact, she happens to be Scott’s mom and Scott is my boyfriend!  It is my absolute pleasure to help her manage her social media. You’ll be seeing more of me! I hope you enjoy the room selection I made for you this week. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!  

Scott and Jenny

Jenny is a creative who I find very helpful because she is in her own right an emerging artist. She is very familiar with the creative process, accepting the ebb and flow of my creative personality as somewhat normal. In other words, I don’t have to explain myself too much, she just goes with the flow!


The last two weeks, we played. Using a website called Canvy, we filled empty walls with my art. Canvy is a tool developed specifically for artists so they can showcase artwork inside of a room. It allows you to change the color of the walls, some of the furniture and furnishings. The artwork can be resized to fit your needs as well as the frame size and color. It is the perfect tool to showcase your art in a real-life space!


It is so much fun. Below are ten examples of the rooms we furnished with art.

The color scheme and lighting in this room is beautiful. I thought that by adding a black and white watercolor painting it would really add some character to the room and just make the rest of the colors stand out. I worked! Both the painting and the room balance each other out.  


Do you have Blank Walls?

The room has a country feel which made it a perfect place to have a large watercolor painting of the Smoky Mountains. I tried adding other small paintings to the wall but felt like this standalone piece was just right. The vase on the table picks up the color in the painting’s sky.

~ Ruth

This room has so much going on already without the paintings. The red wall gives it so much life. I wanted to find something that would complement it instead of saturate it. I though two black and white watercolor paintings would work great and would really balance out the strong color. Allowing the paintings to shine without being overcast by the red wall.  

~ Jenny

This wall above a console was perfect to add a mixture of black and white paintings with a colorful sunset watercolor in different sizes. The light wooden frames and the mountain landscape theme pulls it all together. The yellow color of the glass is repeated in the sunset art as the light wood is repeated in the console and frames.

~ Ruth

I’ve always been a big fan of red birds, like the Cardinal. The moment I saw this beautiful Scarlet Tanager watercolor painting I immediately knew I had to add it to a room. I chose this room because I liked how somber it is. It has a mystery to it. It is the perfect room to sit down and write with a dark cup of coffee. The gray color scheme along with the pale winter sun work in perfect sync to allow this beautiful bird to shine.  

~ Jenny

Do you have Blank Walls? Artists Have Blank Walls Too!

I placed the three-piece set of colorful poppy watercolor prints against a white wall. The red flowers add even more excitement to the room.

~ Ruth

This room has a very contemporary look to it. I feel like I’ve seen this room in real life many times. I chose paintings that have a warmer color scheme so they would contrast with the very white and colder color that this room has. There is a lot of beautiful natural light in this room that complements really well with the pinks and yellows. It makes them pop!  I wanted to bring a piece of nature to the city home.  

~ Jenny

When I think about investing in artwork, I always think the place to begin is asking, what do I want to put over the couch? Instead of one large painting I chose this set of 16 x 20-inch abstract collages called Sunrise and Sunset. I placed them in gray frames and large white mats. The color of the pillows adds to the overall color and theme.

~ Ruth

I had the most fun with this room because I’ve always wanted to do this on my own living room, so it was great practice.  I wanted to find a way to saturate the wall and still keep it fresh. The quilt shape added a modern look to it and give a relief to the nature theme. I chose art pieces with different shades of green to go with the already cooler green living room. I personally love this room!  

~ Jenny

Do you have Blank Walls? Artists Have Blank Walls Too!

Love a tropical touch in a room? These three colorful Plumeria paintings placed in a light frame and white mat give off a very subdued vibe. They fit so well in a minimalist white room. I love how it created a glowing accent to the room. This is my favorite room.

~ Ruth

You Can Play Too

If you are dealing with blank wall or just want to refresh your place, using an app like Canvy is a great place to start. And like Jenny and I did, just playing around should be your first step. Listed below are links to the website for Canvy and similar products. Some of Art Wall Visualizers are free, some of them are not. The ones listed below are free. Canvy has a free version along with an expanded paid version.

Links for Free Wall App Visualizers

CanvyWorks from the website browser so you do not need to download an app.

Wall App – Works from the website browser so you do not need to download an app.

WALLARY– Get it at the App Store for Apple

Art See – Get it at the App Store for Apple

Artrooms – Get it at the App Store for Apple or Google Play

Voun – Get it at the App Store for Apple. This app lets you see what your art looks like in different frames

Links for Paid Wall App Visualizers

iArtView – Get it at the App Store for Apple, There is a free and paid version.

Mockup Editor – There is a free and paid version.

ArtPlacer – Paid subscription. For Professionals and enables perspective views.

Cover Photo by Annie Spratt.

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