Digital Watercolor Quilts: My Art and Design Intersect

Remember, I told you, I love to tell stories. Here is another story. It’s about how I came up with Digital Watercolor Quilts.

My Christmas Card Tradition

All of my Christmas cards are handmade. This tradition started the first year I was married after I moved from Ohio to Florida far away from my hometown. My cards were how I kept up with everyone. Christmas cards were an easy way to communicate with the friends that I had left behind. They guaranteed I wrote my friends at least once a year. My family received my cards too.

The cards were created in a variety of ways with various media; pen and ink, cut linoleum prints, or watercolor. Each year was different. My friends and family looked forward to receiving them because they were handmade from me. And it showed them how much I missed them.

Creating Cards with Computer Graphics

When I began to teach myself computer graphics, I started creating what I call digital quilt cards. Scanning fabric first. Next, I would place the fabric art into shapes in Corel Draw in order to form quilt patterns. Corel is a less expensive program that I initially learned computer graphics on. Now I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

A few years ago, I decided watercolor textured paintings would make great fabric. I began using scraps of watercolor paper leftover from when I was teaching classes and different projects that I’ve done and re-purpose them. Many times, before I start painting, I feel a little bit stuck and I use those scraps of paper to experiment by creating various colors, textures, and designs. I decided that one day, I would put them into quilt designs for cards. However, for many years, they just collected in boxes in my closet.

Digital Card

When my son bought me an awesome scanner a few years ago, I began to scan my textured collection when I would scan my art. Now on my computer, there is a library of watercolor textures broken into folders of different colors waiting to be used.

Combining Graphic Design with Watercolor

This spring, I finally decided to create my digital quilt cards. I soon discovered that I needed to expand my fabric collection to include more patterned pieces. There are a few watercolor patterns in my collection. I like the effect, but right now, my digital watercolor fabrics are just texture.

Unsure of how to proceed, I ran across a mixed media artist on Instagram whose work I adore. Rachel Juanita offered a free class on creating textured patterns on paper in ink. But that is story is for another blog. I cannot wait to incorporate what I gleaned from her lessons into my quest for digital fabric for my quilts. I will let you know how that turns out.

For now, I am offering the work I have created over the last few months, The Watercolor Texture Digital Quilts. You can read about some of the techniques I used in my blog Exploring Art in Isolation.

Biz News

Below are samples of the cards that are NOW available in my Etsy Shop. And Mugs, Magnets and Pillows are now on Zazzle.

There are three sizes; Notecards (5.5 X 4.25″), Art Card (8 x 5.25″), and the New Square Size (5 x 5″). Printed on white linen paper, they come with white envelope. The sets are packaged in a plastic envelope for protection.

Digital Watercolor Quilts
Digital Watercolor Quilts

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