Art Story Two: My Art is Pretentious.

When I paint, I want to paint beautiful things. When I went to art school, beautiful art was characterized as decorative art and excluded from contemporary art. I don’t think that is true anymore. There are so many women artists who are finding success in painting beautiful abstract art. Their art may be beautiful, and I enjoyed it, but just like when I was in school, I’m still going against the grain because I don’t paint abstract art.

I am told from time to time that my paintings remind people of Georgia O’Keefe. I love her work, but I am not trying to be Georgia O’Keefe, any more than I think I should paint abstracts.

Watercolor Art
“Very Georgia O’Keefe!!” Instagram Follower

Watercolor Art
“Your art is beautiful reminds me of Georgia O’Keefe.”

I paint to achieve a feeling of serenity and peace. My son Scott says my paintings are spiritual. He is a former art major at UT Austin, who ended up graduating in Design and my best art critic. He’s very thoughtful, and as a designer, he’s thought deeply about subjects and articulates what he has observed. When he says my art is spiritual, I listen. I don’t know how that happens but that’s exactly what I’m aiming for. I find it hard to say it myself, that my art is spiritual, it sounds a bit pretentious.

Watercolor Art
Painting Scott says looks spiritual

Watercolor Art
Painting that looks like the Pillar of Cloud in Exodus.

I paint like a designer paints. 

As far as technique, my process is more about how I plan the work and sketch it out then how I actually paint a piece. As I sketch an idea out, I simplify it. I change the composition, I often crop the object. When I paint, I leave whatever I think is too much detail. I see certain shapes and spaces while I work instead of the whole. I concentrate on balancing color, creating light, medium, and dark spaces in the work. I am not aiming for realism, I work somewhere between realism and abstraction.

Although my goal is to paint watercolors that sell and are accepted into fine art shows, these goals aren’t the reason why I paint. I want to create from the inspiration that I find in beautiful things and I want to share that beauty with other people who understand why I paint what I do. My art is about connection.

The Best Connection

When I paint, I feel connected to the Creator of the Universe. I feel my art is a gift that was given to me by Him. I have a need to deeply appreciate that— the way I create is unique to me and He understands that because He put my creativity inside of me when He knit me together in my mother’s womb. When I paint, I understand that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. When someone like my son can look at what I do, and  know that it’s spiritual than I am creating art the way I was created to.

My name is Ruth, I’m a Dallas watercolor artist who aspires to create paintings that reflect the beauty of the Lord for people who desire to connect to something greater than themselves.

My Mission Statement

Biz News

My first launch is underway. It has been my messy, feeling out on a limb exercise in figuring out what I am doing, my steep learning curve.

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I am excited about moving on to organizing my artwork, getting it up on my website shop that barely exists as of now, and hasn’t been tested.

I am keeping my Etsy site which for a while will only have my cards and smaller prints. I plan to add digital downloads.

On the new website shop I will have my original art for sale along with larger prints. You should be able to order mats and frames too, but I am still working that out. The art will be curated, and I will be creating companion pieces in my Zazzle shop and from the Fine Art print shop if the art lends itself to surface design. The Collections will be laid out on their own page.

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