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Winnie Tataw – Guest Blogger

Hello everyone, my name is Winnie Tataw. I am a two-time published author. And the third book of my fantasy series The Gods Scion will be out for sale this December. Now if you read the title you might be a little perplexed on why I said I was an artist. Well, the thing is I am going to college to get my degree in Studio Art with minors in Communication and Marketing. Again, three things that don’t have to do with writing or creative writing in general. And I know some of you may ask: “Well if you’re in college why aren’t you taking an English or writing major?” Well, keep reading in your find out why!

Writing is an Art

Artist Winnie Tataw
Photo b Kat Stokes

Writing for me and most authors Is a gateway to many endless possibilities where our imaginations can run wild. For me written work is an art form. All books are truly an art form. So, in my eyes writing is just another form of art I do. I have been writing short stories and poems since grade school and my love for reading and writing only grew as I grew as well. But with that came a lot of doubt. You see as I was in my later years of high school, I didn’t think that art and writing could intertwine. It wasn’t until I talked to both my parents and other teachers around me, that I soon realized that my writing was just another form of me expressing my creative work.

So, is writing the only art you do?

To answer that question, no. I am in love with art in every form, anything from minimalism to abstract to conceptual art projects. You can find me either collecting, saving or viewing these art forms; my two concentrations, painting and drawing. I love to paint and love to draw even more and through my love of art in the visual realm, I’m able to create much more in the written realm. In all my books I have designed the drawings found within the back of the books. For me, I spend hours drawing and designing my book characters on paper or in digital form, because for me I can’t have one art medium without the other. If I’m drawing or painting, I write about it. If I’m writing I draw or paint it. These two mediums go hand in hand for me.

The Creative Struggle

Artist Winnie Tataw
Photo by Jess Bailey

Now, I know I’ve made what I do sound easy, but trust me when I say, things aren’t always sunny. When I have writer’s block or an artistic block it usually (“luckily”) for me happens at the same time. Through that I know that means I just need to take time to relax and focus on what I want from my art at that moment, what I want to create and put out to the world. I’m then able to get a sense of what I want to do or how to get out of the creative block I’m in. Sometimes it’s just a week or two weeks where I don’t want to do anything artistically. Which is fine because there are many other hobbies I have, such as DIY projects and reading other people’s written work. That also helps me get back in the groove. Getting ideas and getting inspiration from others helps me navigate how I want to continue. Because that’s my favorite part of being creative, that you get to learn and grow and be inspired by other creatives like yourself.


Well, that’s all I have for you today thank you for reading. I hope you all have a safe week and remember to, live, love, and laugh.

Artist Winnie Tataw

About the Author:

I have had a lifelong love of literature and art. As a new writer, I want to create a beautiful fantasy world(s) with compelling and intriguing characters. I reside in South Carolina and am an undergraduate at the College of Charleston. I love to spread positivity and joy to those around me and look at the world through a glittery pink lens. To learn more about me and my work, click here.

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