Ruth is an artist who teaches and a teacher who writes.


My Bachelor degree is from University of Texas at Dallas in Arts and Performance; Visual Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. I have been doing art since I was a young child. I have always loved to watercolor, it currently is my main emphasis.

I like to say,
put me in a garden, seat me at a table with good food, family and friends, or let me travel to some beautiful place and I will be content, but I will also most likely want to paint what I encounter.


Encouraged by a friend to teach, I started teaching classes the summer of 2013 and taught for five years. I am currently not teaching classes. When my boys were young I taught Art and Art History for two years as a volunteer in their schools in California and Texas. At various times and churches I have developed and participated in what I call “Art Ministry”. This includes a year that I mentored and taught art classes at a homeless shelter in Dallas.


The best I can tell, I picked up the writing bug from my father. Writing seems to run in my family compelling me to use this gift as much as possible. I am a published Haiku poet who finds great satisfaction in devotional writing. On a practical level I write “how to” articles about the things I love to do and the questions I hear most often on my job as a graphic designer. I aspire to write art reviews and articles on faith, art and culture. I started The Blog the summer of 2020 with that goal in mind.

Please contact me of you have any questions about my art, prints or cards. Let me know if you liked a blog I wrote or have a subject you would like to know more about.

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