Ruth is an artist who teaches and a teacher who writes.



A graphic designer by trade, I enjoy laying out letters, brochures and newsletters. Vector art in Illustrator is a joy. InDesign is the only way to go with multi-paged documents. I couldn’t live without PhotoShop each day. I love paper and the smell of ink. My dream is to design stationery and note cards.

My Bachelor degree is from University of Texas at Dallas in Arts and Performance; Visual Arts with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting.  I have been doing art since I was a young child. Occasionally I enter an art show. Sometimes I get accepted. I have even won best of category in Mixed Media. But that isn’t why I create art. My passion is to create what I call “Faith Art”. At UTD I learned to take a concept and find a way to express it visually. I do that with my faith. Then, I love to teach.

Encouraged by a friend to teach, I started teaching classes the summer of 2013 and taught for five years. I am currently not teaching classes. When my boys were young I taught Art and Art History for two years as a volunteer in their schools in California and Texas. At various times and churches I have developed and participated in what I call “Art Ministry”. This includes a year that I mentored and taught art classes at a homeless shelter in Dallas.

The best I can tell, I picked up the writing bug from my father. Writing seems to run in my family compelling me to use this gift as much as possible. I am a published Haiku poet who finds great satisfaction in devotional writing. On a practical level I write “how to” articles about the things I love to do and the questions I hear most often on my job as a graphic designer. I aspire to write art reviews and articles on faith, art and culture.

I consider myself “a student” in photography. Most of my art is photography based, thus my work as a photographer is preparation as an artist. If you are interested in having a portrait session, contact me by email. I am always looking for people who will let me get close to them with a camera and am currently working on a faith art series where I am looking for people to help me interpret the scriptures visually in a modern context.

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